Many couples spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on the preparations for their wedding, but spend less than a few hours preparing for the marriage. "Prepare to Last" is a course designed to get you and your future spouse talking about the subjects that we all face in marriage. Topics include, finances in the home, conflict resolution, raising a family, where does God fit in our relationship, and numerous others. 

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An environment that allows young couples to discuss the struggles of parenting and being married.  This group is designed for newly married couples and couples with small children.  This group meets Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Building.  To get more information CLICK HERE


This is a group designed for married couples to focus on encouraging each other in our marriages.  This group meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Multi-Purpose Building.  To get more information CLICK HERE


This video based small group is intended to help couples who are or are about to become a blended family recognize and negotiate the complexities of this particular type of family.  To get more information CLICK HERE


THV is affiliated with National Association of Marriage Enrichment (NAME) and provides counseling for couples who want help with their marriage through a Biblical counseling environment.  To get more information CLICK HERE