THV 95th Anniversary

Praise God for His faithfulness! The Hill Vallejo is celebrating its 95th Anniversary! For nearly a century God has been faithful to provide for this church. It has been a beacon of light that shines like a city on a hill. We want to honor the legacy of all those whose service and sacrifice provided us with a wonderful campus where the Church could meet and thrive.

As we move forward and make way for the future, let’s create our own legacy by investing in those who are yet to come. We can create spaces where they can grow and flourish as a community of faith.

For over 60 years our Education Building has functioned as a Fellowship Hall and Elementary School classrooms. It’s also the space where our THV Kids meet for worship, Sunday School, and preschool. The years have taken their toll on this building. The beams around the exterior have dry rot, the posts supporting the second-floor sidewalk have sunk, and there was a danger of collapse. The old, heavy railings must be removed and replaced with lighter ones. We are also improving the drainage around the building to protect its foundation.

So now it’s our turn. It’s time for us to invest in the future of this campus to ensure that the children in the Church will have safe, comfortable spaces to find freedom and purpose in Jesus!

The cost of this project is $200,000. How can we reach this goal? Quite simply! For example, if 200 people each invested $1,000 we could meet the goal and complete the project!

Thank you for taking part in the future and making the vision of “building followers of Jesus in every generation” a reality!